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Deriving from the Greek word 'Aegis' which means 'Physical Protection' and symbolizes shielding or doing something under the protection of powerful sources, AEMIS, a series for a well-rounded aspect of health was created. It all started when they discovered health issues faced by the community were affecting their quality of life. With over 300 research papers studied, as well as years of formulation, research, brand positioning, design, and direction, AEMIS was created.

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Welcome to AEMIS

Welcome to the world of AEMIS,

where everyone deserves to get a work-health balance without the need to sacrifice either one of it!
Good <b>Nutrition</b>

Good Nutrition

Mindful <b>Practices</b>

Mindful Practices

Effective <b>Stress Management</b>

Effective Stress Management

AEMIS is formulated to provide people with the three main criteria for a healthier way of life through good nutrition, mindful practices, and effective stress regulation, leading to a balanced and complete lifestyle.

With quality uncompromised, AEMIS is developed using 100% natural ingredients combined with the latest technology to cater to the needs of those who are health-conscious and fulfill their desire to attain balance across all aspects of their well-being. Each ingredient undergoes stringent assessments such as microbial, heavy metal, and drug lab tests to ensure safety and effectiveness.

All About You, Your Life & Your Cares


Aids in achieving a better quality of life by reducing environmental, psychological, physical, and other factors affecting optimal health.

Supports Holistic

Using natural and patented ingredients, we focus on delivering products that will enhance thorough well-being.

Enhances Quality
of Life

Deriving from holistic well-being, AEMIS intends to support you to achieve the life balance you need.


We are scientifically tested and certified by local and international experts and authorities.

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