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Each and every product that we produce is formulated with you in mind. We collaborate with top experts, source premium-quality ingredients, and partner with leading laboratories as well as the best research and development teams to guarantee that we only provide you with nothing but the finest.
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Sourcing Standards

Fine, effective, and active ingredients are essential for your overall health. That is why we have spent years finding the highest-quality ingredients which later on undergo a stringent qualification process before entering our go-to list.

Certification Conformity

We only produce products that meet our strict principles of quality, transparency, and efficacy. Therefore, we always ensure that all of our products are stringently tested and have obtained certifications. AEMIS products are certified as non-GMO, lactose-free, and also free from heavy metals and microbes.
PROBIOME certificates PROBIOME certificates


At AEMIS, all of our products are produced in cGMP-compliant facilities. This is to ensure not only the manufacturing process but products’ packaging, labeling, and storing are done at top-notch standards!
RELAZZ certificates

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PROBIOME restores the natural balance of bacteria in the gut.

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RELAZZ Halal Certificate
Halal Certified
RELAZZ no drugs
Free from 365 drugs
RELAZZ no heavy metal
Free from heavy metal
RELAZZ no porcine
No porcine ingredients
RELAZZ no microbes
No pathogenic microbes
RELAZZ no lactose
Lactose Intolerant friendly
PROBIOME no porcine
No porcine ingredients
PROBIOME no microbes
No pathogenic microbes
PROBIOME no heavy metal
Free from heavy metal
PROBIOME no preservative
No preservatives